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Coronavirus update 

Last updated 30/04/2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

So much has changed since our last update posted on 2nd April and we would like to thank you for your patience.  We would also like to extend our thanks to all families and residents who have gracefully accepted the restrictions we had to put in place to follow Government guidelines for the Coronavirus Lockdown.   Whilst our visiting policy remains unchanged since our last update in early April,  we have spoken to many of our residents and their families several times since then, we felt now might be a timely opportunity for a further general update.

The Park View current status

Since our latest update it is fair to say that the Care sector has seen much more of the media and general focus.  Our hearts go out to all homes and workers in the health and social care sector as we appreciate the struggle it can be to obtain appropriate PPE, have adequate staffing, and keep morale up in such difficult times.

We are immensely proud of all our staff and their professionalism, dedication and above all, care which has been reflected in all the positive feedback we have received.  Should any resident show any signs or symptoms of being unwell, we immediately put in place ‘barrier nursing’ protocols.  Should a member of staff feel unwell, they self-isolate as per NHS guidelines.  We feel this continuous robust approach is necessary even as COVID statistics fall in the UK.

We believe the design of the building is a massive positive, in having large spacious communal areas and very wide hallways. This has enabled us to treat the home as 4 separate households and socially distance whilst moving through the home, almost eliminating travel between any floor for both residents and care staff.  


We do not have a shortage of appropriate PPE or hand sanitiser and have ordered stocks to ensure we have enough should an outbreak occur.   We have maintained, and even increased in some areas, our levels of infection control, cleanliness etc.   

We closely follow the guidance and relevant updates from Public Health England on the use of PPE and ensure we use it appropriately.

End of life  - the Park View approach

We fully appreciate how difficult it must be to be told you may not visit a loved one at the end of their life.  At Park View family members are NOT excluded from seeing loved ones at this time, but are given protective equipment so that if they wish, they may visit and spend precious moments at such an important time.

Please be reassured that our team will be in contact if your relative becomes unwell and will keep you updated of any changes.  If it becomes evident that your loved one is nearing the end of their life we will do our utmost to arrange for those family members who wish, to come and visit. 

Living life to the full

Many of our residents have expressly stated their wishes to still ‘live life’ despite the virus, and we therefore continue to provide activities as safely as possible to nurture and maintain emotional and physical wellbeing.  We have really aimed to ‘think outside the box’ on how to hold purposeful activities safely.  If you have not already seen on Facebook, the “Full Monty” re-enactment that some of our staff performed in response to some of our residents’ requests, then take a look.

We have been commended by NAPA (National Activity Providers Association) for continuing to hold exercise classes whilst still maintaining social distancing.

Keeping in touch and “seeing” your relatives

Many families have regular scheduled Skype / telephone calls with their loved ones within the home, and we continue to telephone family members to update on the health and wellbeing of their loved ones here. We are finding that technology such as Skype is particularly popular.  We know ourselves how much it means to be able to see and speak with your loved one.  We are now trialling ‘pod visits’, utilising the space between our inner and outer reception doors for residents and loved ones to actually see each other and talk through an intercom.

Our staff  -  our greatest asset

Many organisations say this, but we mean it and do our utmost to demonstrate it in everything we do.

We want to ensure as far as possible that our staff feel supported and appreciated – we have created a ‘shop’ for them to obtain basic supplies at cost price and we are ensuring we make time for supportive 1:1 meetings.  We celebrate and reward our achievements and offer support for the more difficult days.  We have enhanced pay for picking up extra hours during this time and we have remote conference calls with our Directors several times a week to ensure everyone is updated and kept informed.

Showing appreciation

Across the country I am sure we have all been participating in the Thursday evening public showing of appreciation for NHS staff, other carers and frontline workers. Closer to home though it has meant so much to all of the team, the very many messages of thanks we have seen on Facebook, via emails and over the phone. Please keep them coming as they help make all the hard work and caring, feel so worthwhile.

To sum up

Having to find different ways of working to promote wellbeing, train and support staff,  and keep a meaningful activities schedule for our residents during this time has had its challenges, but we believe we have more than risen to the occasion – in fact we have never been busier! We think that some of these ways of working will stick for the future.  It has certainly captured the team spirit of supporting each other – we have never been prouder of our staff than we are now. We hope you agree.

Update 02/04/2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

With the everchanging situation in the UK regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are following the latest government guidance to ensure that we continue to act in the best interests of the people who live and work at Park View.

We will keep this update under review as the situation requires. If you have any questions regarding our plans to manage the outbreak of coronavirus, you can email us at

We are immensely proud of the way that our team are pulling together in these challenging circumstances. Each morning we have a Heads of Departments and Staff Representatives meeting so that we can take a proactive and flexible approach to our response and working practices. Please rest assured that at all times the wellbeing of residents and staff at Park View is our highest priority.

Visiting Park View

To prevent the spread of coronavirus and in everybody’s best interests, Park View has taken the difficult decision to close its doors to all but essential visitors. We will review this decision weekly as we appreciate it will be difficult for some families not to be able to see their loved ones at this difficult time.

Before visiting Park View, please be aware that the following procedures are in place:

Park View is only open for essential visits, by this we mean visiting anyone who is extremely ill, on end of life or if you are a visiting professional and only then with prior approval.

If a visit is considered essential it will be by prior arrangement and visitor numbers will be restricted to ensure safety. Any visitor will be asked to remain in the person’s room or apartment and not visit communal areas. All visitors must understand the risk they may pose to the person visiting, or the risk posed to themselves in these challenging times. Any visitors will be requested to follow the home’s PPE and hand hygiene policies.

Any staff, visitors or contractors who display flu like symptoms (specifically – shortness of breath, fever, cough or cold) will not be able to access Park View. NHS England guidelines state anyone with even mild symptoms must self-isolate for a minimum of 7 days. Family members must do the same for 14 days.

All deliveries to Park View must be left at their designated drop off point (call us on 01452 671499 for directions).

Contactors will only be able to access the homes for critical works and with prior approval at a pre-agreed time and day.

Regrettably in the short term at least, external entertainers and hairdressers are not permitted to enter Park View. Our thoughts are with the businesses that provide these vital services at this time. Meanwhile our in-house Wellbeing Team are doing their utmost to make life as normal and cheery as possible for our residents. We continue to have activities, albeit in smaller groups and we are fortunate to have our garden, so that when the weather is nice we can go out for fresh air.

Staying in touch and virtual visits

We know this is an uncertain and worrying time for everyone, and the “social distancing” and safeguarding measures we have in place for visiting Park View, whilst absolutely necessary, go against our natural caring instincts. Here at Park View we have moved swiftly to fully embrace the technological opportunities that today’s world offers to maintain contact. We know just how important this is for everyone’s wellbeing.

Following or visiting our Facebook page is a great way to see what we are up to at Park View and for keeping up-to-date on everything your loved ones are doing.

We are really getting to grips now with scheduling our Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp video call sessions and we are calling relatives with updates whenever we can.

If you do wish to do a Skype call, find us on

Our Whatsapp number to send video and text messages (sorry we cannot receive ad hoc calls) is 07546 779222.

Our residents (and staff) always love to receive cards, letters, pictures etc from you and your family/friends, as well as flowers and chocolate! So please do send them to us. Letters emailed to will be reformatted into handwriting font and printed on paper so your loved one has a keepsake letter.

Staffing and recruitment

The work of all Park View team members is critical to the COVID-19 response and therefore all our staff are granted the Key Worker status. This helps us to ensure that we can maintain our staffing levels as those with children are prioritised for education provision and our team have freedom to travel to work under the current restrictions.

We are working with our colleagues within the Markey Group and our staffing partners to make sure that we can maintain the wellbeing and safety of our residents in the event of any member of staff needing to self-isolate.

At this point in time many people are finding their work situation changing, we're delighted to be able to offer long-term and short-term opportunities to join us. You don't even necessarily need any prior care home experience, but you must share our passion to make a difference to the lives of the older people - we'll provide all the training you may need for your potential role! Find out more about the roles available and how to apply here on our The Team page.

The wellbeing of residents and staff at Park View remains our highest priority.

Update 23/03/2020

Dear Family Members & Friends,

As the lockdown in the outside world grows tighter we try to keep life as normal and cheery as possible for our residents. We continue to have activities, albeit in smaller groups, we go out into the garden for fresh air. We are really getting to grips now with scheduling our Skype and Whatsapp video call sessions, and calling families with updates.

We will continue to find ways to support our residents, families and our staff in these difficult times, from helping with shopping for staff, helping with transport to and from work, and looking at other services to support everyone's wellbeing.

If you do wish a Skype call, find us on
Our Whatsapp number to send video and text messages (sorry we cant receive adhoc calls) is on 07546 779222
Kindest Regards

Charlotte & all the Park View Team

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Update regarding visitors

Following today's news announcements by the Government for the vulnerable to self isolate for 12 weeks, and further discussions among the senior management team, we have made the difficult decision to close the doors of Park View to visitors as of midnight tonight, unless for particular essential reasons.

We will review our decision weekly as we appreciate it will be difficult for some families to not be able to see their loved ones at this time.

We will enhance our Skype availability on We have a dedicated number for whatsapp video / photo / voice / text messages. which is 07546 779222.

We will continue our activities programme within the home and try to make life as 'normal' as possible for our residents.
I am sure you will support this difficult decision as the best way to try and keep our residents (and staff) as safe as possible.

In relation to Coronavirus/COVID-19 we would like to reassure residents and their families that our staff are keeping up to date with and following the latest guidance from the Government and Public Health England (PHE). Further polices and procedures are being introduced to keep our residents as safe as possible.

Staff always maintain high standards of hygiene and during the current period they will be extra vigilant about handwashing regularly, coughs and sneezes, and keeping Park View clean.

The latest advice from the Government and NHS is available on the following web pages:

Thank you for your help. We will continue to keep you updated.

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